Intrinsic Matters
in·trin·sic / inˈtrinzik / inˈtrinsik  (adjective)   
The essential nature or constitution; belonging naturally, innately; inherently
The intrinsic value of you, your team, and your organization, matters.


With decades of hands-on executive leadership experience, we help professionals who are serious about investing in themselves to dramatically improve their lives, careers, and organizations.

We never 'cut-and-paste' your process or solutions.  We identify the needs and goals of our clients, and define and develop a plan with them, making progress effective, and requiring fewer hours and less energy to deliver results.

Clients learn the essential skills, strategies, and perspectives to get them focused, directed, and moving forward with stability, strength, and success as they move forward.


We launched Intrinsic Matters in 2009, and are growing each year.

Our team has worked with hundreds of organizations and senior management professionals in all sectors and industries, and have consistently helped them to re-think and re-position themselves, and make better organizational, career, and life decisions.

With decades of experience directing high-profile organizations, developing strategic plans, guiding transitions and transformations, advising management teams at Fortune 500 and international organizations, and serving on numerous boards and committees, we are known, respected, and deliver the results you need.

This expertise led our team members to be selected as LinkedIn Executive Coach of the Year, official LinkedIn Career Experts (since 2017), official LinkedIn Insiders (since 2016), and leaders of the 1.2K member ProFinder Professionals Group and 5.9K member World Bank Consultants and Advisors Group.

Whatever you want to do next, we welcome the opportunity to work with you and help you reach your goals.



Many people shoot hundreds of arrows and wonder why they are missing their goal.

With the right perspective, skills, and strategies, you can shoot fewer arrows and consistently hit your target with greater accuracy and more confidence.

When you understand your identity, direction, and why you choose your target, you are much closer to your goal, and your competitive advantage changes.

If your approach and decisions are requiring too much time and energy to deliver the results you need, it is time to re-examine your thinking.

We help you rethink and re-position yourself, requiring fewer hours and less energy to deliver better results.

The Next Step is Yours

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Intrinsic Matters has experts and resources across the United States and around the world, to help you.

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Managing Director
Patrick J Schoof, MSc, LLM

Patrick is an award-winning executive coach and international organization director. His 22 years of managing global operations, strategy planning, and innovative initiatives, enables him to drive and accelerate transformation and achieve historic-levels of performance.

His introduction to advising was during his six years in several of the highest elected and appointed youth representative roles in the United States. Throughout this time, he served on national boards, worked directly with the most respected executives in the world, and learned the inner-workings and dynamics of successful international organizations.

He became an advisor, trainer, and speaker to hundreds of organizations and audiences, including the White House and Olympic Games, where he was a Goodwill Ambassador, the U.S. Youth Spokesperson, and Global Youth Spokesperson to the IOC.

Patrick has worked with UNICEF, ILO, World Bank, UNESCO, WHO, Olympic Committees, embassies, Department of State, USAID, DoL, DoD, DoE, SSA, International Red Cross, Rotary International, Fortune 500s, universities, foundations, nonprofits, the media, heads of state, ambassadors, Nobel Laureates, political leaders, celebrities, and countless marginalized and vulnerable people around the world.

He has a Master's in Management from LSE, and an advanced Law Degree.

"He contributed so much to the achievements of the Office in a very short period of time.  His leadership, energy, and commitment were unsurpassed.” 

J. Gilmore

Former Senior Director at USAID

“Patrick is a loyal leader. Committed to transformation… working for a better world and an inclusive economy which values all human assets.” 

Gill Wallace

Hope, Advisor to President Obama - G20, G242

“Pat’s organizational skills and suave allow him to lead while also being an excellent team player.  Pat gets things done! ... I will always follow him with admiration.” 

Barry G. Stearns

Former President of the Council on Higher Education at the NEA