Rethink Hiring Rules

Each of us has our own set of candidate expectations, and we often rule people out based on them. These vary from specific resume layouts, what colors candidates wear, their handshake, if they end sentences with a preposition, how much they blink… and, yes, these are real deal-breakers recruiters and hiring managers have shared with …

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International Development Tools Contractors Actually Need

An international development organization asked me to review and test their online contractor and consultant member tools, specific to finding new jobs and contracts. While we do not provide endorsements, we have tried and tested a number of online platforms and pilot programs to learn more about new innovations and to provide feedback to professionals …

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Win When It Matters

A few years ago, I spoke with a friend after his conversation with colleagues quickly became a debate. When asked about it, he was defensive, told me he was right, and said he won the argument. This is a good person, generally liked by all, yet his career was not moving and people were not …

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