You need to own your career... and clutter and distraction prevent you from leveraging your best thinking, strengths, and value.


Is your career strategy delivering the results, professional credibility, and opportunities you want... and need?

Explore concepts and strategies essential to getting noticed, hired, and happier. Learn how to re-think and re-position yourself, and move more successfully through current positions and into new and advancing opportunities you enjoy.

Clients learn how to prioritize decisions, identify and express their value, improve their resume and interviewing, strengthen relationships and networks, find organizations which value them, create work-life balance, and lead their career to dramatic improvements in performance.

Everything is defined and developed with the client, making progress far more effective, energizing strengths and best thinking, and requiring less time and energy, while consistently delivering better results.

- Career Advising 
- Executive Coaching
- Value Assessments
- Work-Life Balance
- Life Strategies


of resumes are rejected in 8-11 seconds


resumes are submitted for every corporate position


of professionals are disconnected from their workplace


  • 96% of recruiters actively use social media in hiring
  • 87% of organizations cite culture and engagement as a top challenge (Global Human Capital Trends
  • 67% of employers believe retention would be higher if candidates were given a clear picture (Harris Interactive Survey, 2014)
  • 66% of HR respondents report they are updating their engagement and retention strategies (Global Human Capital Trends)
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  • 52 is the average number of days it takes to fill an open position, up from 48 days in 2011 (Talent Acquisition Factbook)
  • 52% of hiring decision makers say passive candidate sourcing is less effective for their company (Harris Poll for Glassdoor)
  • 51% of companies are Googling candidates they interview
  • 50% of candidates are willing to consider a new job
  • 50% or fewer executives know how to address low employee engagement (Deloitte University Press)
  • 48% of small businesses report there are few or no qualified applicants for positions they are trying to fill (NFIB
  • 40% higher levels of retention are at "mission-driven: companies (Becoming Irresistible)
  • 1# LinkedIn is the top social network for recruiters

"What usually holds us back
is the fear of moving forward"

- Patrick Schoof, IM Managing Director 


-  Are you able to talk easily about yourself?

-  Are you recognized for how you want to be known?

-  Are your resumes and your promotions overlooked?

-  Are you given opportunities to manage and lead?

-  Are you happy with your career and life?

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"I spent several months researching and interviewing career coaches that would be able to provide a balanced perspective from different industries. Patrick is extremely intuitive and most importantly, is an active listener. Every time he has coached me, I experience several "aha moments" and always leave with the knowledge I need to make the best decision possible with minimal implications. He's able to speak from experience and his advice always reaps short-term and long-term benefits. I will continue to reach out to Patrick anytime I have an important career-related decision or challenge that needs resolved."

Kurt Sackerman

PMP, ITIL, Leaders and Strategic Program Manager

"Patrick is passionate about what he does as a dedicated advisor and career coach. Our initial conversation was very insightful and he gave a comprehensive overview of his approach and strategy to meeting my goals. He cares personally for your development and uses challenging yet objective questions. After each of our sessions, I had tangible action steps that helped me refine my vision for career and personal development. Working with Patrick is one of the best investments that I have made for myself and I highly recommend him for getting the results you want!"

Maya McDoom, PhD, MPH

Health Services Researcher | Policy Advisor| Health Equity

"Patrick was a pleasure to work with. He is very perceptive and thought provoking, and dedicated to helping others."

Susan Metcalfe,

Senior Learning Consultant

"I had the chance to exchange with Patrick concerning opportunities in international development. I was extremely impressed by his availability, quick understanding of my profile and interests, and even more by his advice concerning the sector and recruiting processes. His insights have great value!"

Mathilde Lugger

ESSEC, MSc in Management, College of Europe

"Patrick is an excellent leader and mentor. I re-located to a new city and Patrick provided me with sound advice and directions that ultimately led me to my first job! His enthusiasm to help people and his passion to make an impact on the world is truly resounding and impressive. The best thing about Patrick is that you can reach out to him regarding anything and he is always ready to consult and help out. A great role model and charismatic individual, Patrick will always have a lasting impact on anyone who comes his way."

Shradha Shetty

Honors Program Liaison at American Geophysical Union

"Patrick is an excellent coach who gives great advice focused on meeting professional goals and objectives. He is flexible and will work with your schedule. I asked him to help me redraft a cover letter. He turned it back to me efficiently and much improved. I recommend Patrick to any professional who is looking for coaching to help with next career step."

Darius D. Sivin

PhD, International Representative at International Union, UAW

"I found Patrick's service to be very helpful. I highly recommend."

Raphy Goodstein

Director, Tax and Trade Policy at American Iron and Steel Institute

"Patrick has been extremely helpful and professional... And whatever cost is associated with the service, know that it is an investment that pays off in dividends! I've already recommended him to my friends who are considering getting new/better positions.
Thanks so much Patrick!" 

Jaime Arroyave Jr.

Investment and Innovation Analyst

"I am so happy I met Patrick. He was a wonderful professional who was very eager to help. He is an expert coach, positive and encouraging. I only wished I met him earlier. I highly recommend Patrick and I know his coaching is top notch."

M. Murat

Former President of the Council on Higher Education at the NEA

Patrick is a very energetic, knowledgeable, dependable professional, who is dedicated to follow a project to completion. Our first meeting was very productive and the insightful advise he gave me was of tremendous help. I learnt a lot with him on how to present myself et get the right outcome without wasting any time. I was also very comfortable with Patrick's availability to answer any follow up question.

Joelle Brucher

Project Coordinator