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of people worldwide volunteered with an NGO in 2015


of the global population donated to an NGO or charity in 2015


of global citizens agree NGOs make it easier to be involved in positive social change


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  • NGO donors increased from 1.2 billion in 2011 to 1.4 billion in 2014. By 2030, the expected number of donors is 2.5 billion (Source: Charities Aid Foundation)
  • 80% of global citizens agree NGOs make it easier to be involved in positive social change (Source: Walden University)
  • In the United States, there are 1.4+ million non-profits. They employ 11.4 million Americans (Source: Urban Institute/Bureau of Labor Statistics)
  • The estimated U.S. volunteer value is $23.07 per hour. At 7.7 billion hours of volunteering in 2013 by 62.6 million Americans (25.4% of the population), that is, $173 billion (Source: Independent Sector)
  • NGO giving in the U.S. was $358.38 Billion in 2014 (2% of GDP) – an increase of 7.1% from 2013 (Source: Giving USA Foundation)
  • In Canada, 84% of people donate to NGOs at an average of $446 per year; that is, $10.6 billion donated annually (Source: Imagine Canada)
  • In Mexico, there are 10,700 registered NGOs. 66% focus on providing access to healthcare (Source: Cemefi)
  • In Brazil, 62% of salaried NGO employees are female; they earn 75% of the wages paid to male counterparts (Source: Abong)
  • In Europe, there are 129K+ public-benefit foundations. They collectively give more than 53 billion euros annually (Source: Donors and Foundations Networks in Europe)
  • In England and Wales, there are 165,000 registered charities, 948,000 employees, 943,000 trustees, and 3,200,000 volunteers (Source: Charity Commission)
  • In The Hague, Netherlands, International City of Peace and Justice, it is home to 160 NGOs employing more than 14,000 people (Source: The Hague International Center)
  • In France, 40% of the population volunteers with a local association or NGOs; and 22% regularly donate money (Source: France Bénévolat)
  • In Germany, the Third Sector consists of 600K+ NGOs. 40% of them were founded after 2000 (Source: ZiviZ)
  • In Sweden, there are 232K NGOs and 58% of their employees are female (Source: Statistiska centralbyråns)
  • India has over 3.3 million NGOs; that is, nearly on NGO for every 400 people (Source: Infochange)
  • In South Africa, there were 136K+ registered NGOs and there are approximately 68 new NGOs register every day (Source: Republic of South Africa)
  • In Kenya, the NGO sector represents 290K+ full-time employees and volunteers; 80% are under 24 (Source: Devex)
  • In Australia, there are 600K+ NGOs, which employ 8% of the workforce. Only 60K are are registered with the ACNC (Source: Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission)
  • In Gulf Nations, 9 out 10 people donate to NGOs regularly with 63% of donations being made during the religious holidays of Ramadan and Eid (Source: Philanthropy Age)
  • In the Asia Pacific, 53% of citizens donate to NGOs: the highest are in Thailand (71%), Vietnam (70%), and Hong Kong (65%) with children’s health and education as the most popular cause (Source: MasterCard Engagement Bureau)

"Our role is to change the lives of people we may never meet,
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- Patrick Schoof, IM Managing Director 


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"I've known Patrick many years, and have been impressed with his solid grasp of management and people skills, in government and private contexts. He has much experience and insight to offer."


Mark Engman, MBA, MA

Public Policy Director at U.S. Fund for UNICEF

"Patrick has a passion for international development and for human rights, and deep experience in organizational management and advocacy. He is an innovative, sharp and extremely dedicated professional." 


Cris Revaz, JD

Senior Education Counsel at Creative Associates

"Patrick's ability to quickly grasp the nature of the work and to ask big picture questions was a tremendous asset to me and to the organization as a whole. In a very short amount of time, he ascertained where we were in our strategy, and coached me to discover possible next steps."

Pamela Ruiz

International Executive; Former ED at Federation EIL

"He brought in new ideas and innovative solutions. Patrick is an inspiring leader, strategic thinker, and a professional of highest order. He is politically astute and a technical expert. I admire his leadership, strategic thinking, analytical, and communication qualities that have stimulated profound impact in the lives of others." 


Alok Vajpeyi, PhD, MBA

Development Professional, M&E and Research Expert; Former Chief at Global March

"The passion he shows for the work he does and the knowledge displayed in his field is admirable. The willingness to share his professional wisdom with others in an unselfish manner only confirms that any organization would greatly benefit from having him as part of their team." 


Guiselle Arias

CEO at Spanish Interactive

"Patrick advised me in preparing global research on children's rights, providing a meaningful professional introduction to the field. I was fortunate to benefit from his mentorship at an early stage in my career and continue to look towards Patrick as a source of inspiration to this day." 


Danielle Goldberg, MA

Deputy Director at UNICEF

"Patrick is always willing to share of his valuable time and advice. He is delightful to speak with and tenacious. He has a rare passion to see tasks and projects to their favorable conclusion and he is competitive. Patrick exudes exemplary agility and on short notice."

Haruna Darbo

First Director at The Global Democracy Project

"In a sea of executives in Washington, DC, Patrick stands out among his peers." 

Diane Mull

Executive Director at IIECL; Global Expert on Child Labor

"After working with Patrick I have rediscovered what I really want to do and how to leverage my background and how to 'view' myself and how to 'portray' my value to new prospects. Working with Patrick and sharing his passion for true mentorship has helped me further my achievement…

What I liked about Patrick and that helped me was his willingness to share his knowledge and expertise. His positive attitude and the way he took my 'negative view/ connotations' and helped me to create positive viewpoints was insightful. Patrick is indeed successful and enthusiastic and I value his ongoing growth in the field of mentorship. He was able to quickly assess where I was in the process to 'rediscover and reorient' myself and provided me with constructive guidance and feedback--multiple times."

Silas Manuel

Director of Business Development - 1B+ Global Organizations

"It is my pleasure to recommend Patrick to organizations and companies which want to pull out the best from their employees and to professionals who want to advance their career. Patrick has helped me reflect on what I have done, I want to do, and I want to be known for, valuing my genuine passion for global development and the UN family, and encouraging me to communicate it clearly to whoever is interested in getting to know me professionally and as a person."

Laura Gagliardone, MA

United Nations Capital Development Fund / UNDP