Organizations are shaped by its leaders' best decisions, and by its worst decisions that employees are willing to tolerate.


Is your strategy generating the interest, commitment, and results you want... and need?

Perspective, ideas, and strategy to help leadership and senior management teams consider options, make better decisions, and become more effective with their own people... and the people and partners who are their mission to serve.

Whether you need stability, strengthening, or expansion, we can get you there. This includes facilitation and training, goal setting, strategic planning, motivating your team, increasing visibility, improving impact, and getting your new organization or existing programs off-the-ground and moving forward.

- Change Management 
- Management Decisions
- Transition Management
- Leadership Team Assessment
- Start-ups and Reorganizations


of candidates will not take a job with a bad reputation company


of employees do not engage when they lack confidence in leadership


dollars in profit is generated per person by increasing their engagement 10%


  • 97% of organizations believe project management is critical to performance and success (Source: PWC); nevertheless,…
  • 89% of high-performing organizations complete their projects; low performers complete 36% (Source:
  • 80% of PM executives do not know how projects align with their organization's business strategy (Source: Changepoint)
  • 63% of companies require executives to decide when to eliminate or put off a project (Source: InformationWeek)
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  • 50% of Program Management Offices (PMOs) close within three years (Source: KeyedIN)
  • 34% of projects have no baseline (Source: Wellingtone)
  • 33% of projects fail due to lack of involvement from senior management (Source: University of Ottawa)
  • 33% or less projects were completed on time and on budget in 2013 (Source: Standish Group)
  • 13% of PMs were less likely to use story mapping in 2014 than in 2013 (Source: VersionOne<<Tweet this stat
  • 12.2% of every $1 billion invested in U.S. projects is wasted due to lacking performance (Source:
  • 40% higher levels of retention are at "mission-driven: companies (Becoming Irresistible)
  • 1# LinkedIn is the top social network for recruiters

"If only 13% of workers feel engaged by their jobs,
what level of success can your initiative expect?"

- Patrick Schoof, IM Managing Director, referring to a 2013 Gallup poll measuring international employee satisfaction
of 230,000 full-time and part-time workers in 142 countries

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"Patrick does a remarkable job of understanding the business environment and the strategic opportunities quickly and assessing how an organization can move to serve its mission... we had spent months in a rich strategic dialog before his arrival. Within days he was up to speed and making insightful and innovative contributions.” 

Pat Nichols, MA

President, Transition Leadership International

"I had the pleasure of talking with Patrick on a startup idea I am currently developing. I was particularly impressed by Patrick's ability to quickly understand the project pitch and provide insightful suggestions which seemed to come perfectly naturally to him. It was obvious that Patrick’s ability to juggle multiple thoughts was unlike any I’ve seen before and it added value to my project!"

Drilona Aliu, MBA

Monterrey Institute of International Studies

“Patrick is that rare and unique executive with a social conscience... he has had a profound impact in the lives of many… He is a visionary leader with not only vision but also with a bias for results oriented action.”

Hector Velez

COO at Vector Talent Resources

“You have undertaken dozens of projects. With each project, you have taught yourself our agency methods without any counsel, have strived to make the outcomes even more valuable than initially designed, created new projects when everything else had been done and completed projects on or ahead of deadline. There are no areas of improvement in performance, productivity or relationship building.”


Charles A. Jones

Former Sr. Counselor to the Commissioner and Director Disability Redesign at the SSA

"I admire his insight and approach. He asks the right (hard) questions, helping leaders probe to discover new paths of opportunity. At the same time, he utilizes his extensive network and experiences to solve problems proactively and to encourage others to do the same. He's a natural leader and connector, lifting up the work of those around him through his interaction and engagement."

Kelly Parsons, MBA, MA

Leadership and Change Champion

It is refreshing to have someone with vision, passion and organizational skills. There is no task that can't be accomplished in Patrick's world. He is an asset to whatever organization he works with.

Linda Ploeg

President, Fidelis Resource Partners

Patrick impressed from the first time I met him. He is more than personable, making everyone feel welcome and comfortable. His work ethic is based in deep morals for truth, trust and betterment of all. I view him as a mentor. His ability to see the big picture while not losing sight of the details is rare and refreshing.

Mindy Bradish-Orta

President / CEO, Jackson Chamber of Commerce