We are an award-winning transition strategy firm, helping clients build identity, direction, and strategy to re-think and re-position themselves... and navigate through organizational transformation, leadership decisions, and career and life transitions.

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Our one-on-one advising guides you to effective thinking, direction, strategy, and confidence to lead you to where you want to be in your current role or a new meaningful career opportunity.


What are your recurring career mistakes?

How much does a missed opportunity, lost promotion, unemployment, or a year in the wrong position cost you?

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Advising and strategy for executives and management teams for measurably better decisions, strengthened culture and collaboration, and goal-breaking, award-winning team performance.


What happens if your initiative fails?

How much will loss of engagement, change-related attrition, poor reputation, or failure cost your organization?

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Knowledge, perspective, and strategy to move global organizations through complex international issues, new initiatives, and expansion with more stability, visibility, and impact.


Are you globally savvy and strategic?

What challenges, risks, and opportunities will successfully strengthen and expand your organization?

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of applications lead to an on-site interview


of business start-ups fail in less than five years


of funded global innovation projects fail when scaled

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"Patrick is a deep, brilliant, and inspiring strategic thinker. He has an uncanny ability to help people find the simple in the complex, identify priorities, formulate plans, and get into actions that can make things happen."

Peter Demarest

CEO at Axiogenics

"Our first hour of interaction was an action packed session of thought out suggestions and directions. Creative and knowledgeable. Full of ideas from start to finish, thinking of new things to try as the conversation developed. I walked away thinking of many new avenues to try, which is the way you have to approach the NGO sector- thinking outside of the box and ready to try anything."

Ralph Strzalkowski, LLM, JD

Attorney and President at Florida Disability Access and Awareness Foundation

"I highly recommend Patrick to those professionals seeking advisement on career transition and professional development. He provides valuable insight into what hiring officials and senior executives look for when going through their hiring processes. What's even more valuable is that he brings these insights from various industries in the public and private sectors. I am extremely pleased with the amount of information Patrick provided on my interests and where I want to take my career. "

Jim Clark, MA

Division Chief, Operations, Military Postal service Agency, Department of Defense

"Patrick is a generous and insightful advisor! As I've been exploring various ways to use my experiences and resources... he has posed important questions and oriented me towards the various different approaches I could take. I have greatly appreciated the time he devoted to discussing ideas and options."

Bryanna Millis, MA, PMC

Director of Workforce Development and Entrepreneurship at FHI 360

"I highly recommend him if you'd like a kick-start approach to your work and your means to bringing in business that speaks to your heart and mind. He gave me suggestions I hadn't entertained that were simple and easy to implement. He's super sharp and really gives new meaning to the phrase "out of the box" thinking."

Virginia Williams, MALD

Leader in Strategic and SBC Communication, Content, and Program Management

"Patrick is a dynamic professional with an incredibly astute mind and a big heart. He is able to transmute his desire to help others into dynamic and engaging programs… Coupled with both excellent verbal and writing skills, these translate into presentations and documents that enhance the global conversation. As an executive, he knows how to lead the way through persistent determination and example.”

Tom Kennedy, MA

Former SVP Covenant House; Chair of the NGO Committee on UNICEF

"Patrick is genuine and has an impressive impact. He has power in his words and energy, and his attentive listening and intelligent explanation of ideas. He has helped me share and implement my new social enterprise. It is an important step and big impact for my well-being and the project, which is for me the meaning of my life."

Nadia Shaulova

Designer and NGO Founder, Italy

"I highly recommend Patrick who has given me invaluable career advice. He is intuitive, wise, generous, caring, and eager to help. After meeting him for only few times, he made a positive and significant impact on my professional life. If you need to improve your resume and cover letter, find your dream job, change career path, and obtain indispensable career advice, he is your best coach!     I have already recommended Patrick to friends and colleagues, and I am looking forward to continuing to work with him to reach my career goals. I wish I had met him many years ago."

Carole Abourached, PhD

International Development and Research Professional

The only risk to where you need and want to be, is in not taking steps to leave behind where you are.