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Award-winning executive coaching and organization transition strategy firm, helping clients build identity, direction, and strategy to reposition themselves, navigate career decisions and transitions, and transform organizations into smarter, healthier, vibrant, revenue-generating workspaces.

IM focuses on you, tailoring strategies to each client, field, and industry.  We provide ideas, narrative, and next-step guidance and growth, leading to clarity,
better decisions, and meaningful results.

This coaching and advising allows you to develop stronger relationships, leadership presence, and authentically communicate who you are and how you want to be known, anywhere.

Where do you want to be?

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One-on-one coaching to re-think your priorities and value, and move more confidently and successfully through current roles and into meaningful, advancing career opportunities.


What are your recurring mistakes?
How much are missed opportunities, promotion delays, unemployment, or one year in the wrong position costing you?
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Effective strategies for executives and their management teams to measurably improve decision-making and partner collaboration, leading to record-level organization performance.


What happens if your initiative fails?
How much will loss of commitment, engagement, change-related attrition, reputation, or failure cost you?
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Perspective, strategy, and project implementation to move international organizations through complex global issues, initiatives, and expansion with more stability, visibility, and impact.


Are you globally savvy and strategic?
What perspectives, risks, and opportunities will successfully strengthen and expand your organization?
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Our clients come from these 100+ organizations, and others...

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