You need to ‘own’ your career… and clutter and distraction prevent you
from leveraging your best thinking, strengths, and value.


Is your career what you want… and is your strategy delivering the results, professional credibility, and opportunities you need?

There are perspectives and strategies essential to getting noticed, hired, and being happier. Learn how to re-think and re-position yourself, and move more successfully through current positions and into new and advancing opportunities you enjoy… at organizations that will value you.

Identify what you want, prioritize decisions, express your value, improve your resume and interviewing, strengthen relationships and networks, discover organizations that align with you, create more work-life balance, and improve your performance.

Everything is defined and developed with you in mind, energizing strengths and best thinking, and requiring less time and energy, and consistently delivering better results.

– Career Coaching
– Executive Advising
– Value Assessments
– Work-Life Balance
– Life Strategies


  • 96% of recruiters actively use social media in hiring
  • 87% of organizations cite culture and engagement as a top challenge (Global Human Capital Trends
  • 52 is the average number of days it takes to fill an open position, up from 48 days in 2011 (Talent Acquisition Factbook)
  • 52% of hiring decision makers say passive candidate sourcing is less effective for their company (Harris Poll for Glassdoor)
  • 51% of companies are Googling candidates they interview
  • 50% of candidates are willing to consider a new job
  • 50% or fewer executives know how to address low employee engagement (Deloitte University Press)
  • 48% of small businesses report there are few or no qualified applicants for positions they are trying to fill (NFIB
  • 40% higher levels of retention are at “mission-driven: companies (Becoming Irresistible)
  • 1# LinkedIn is the top social network for recruiters to search

"What usually holds us back
is the fear of moving forward"

- Patrick Schoof, Managing Director and Executive Coach at IM


– Are you able to talk easily and simply about yourself?

– Are you recognized for how you want to be known?

– Are your resume and your promotions overlooked?

– Are you given opportunities to manage and lead?

– Are you content with your career and life?

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