We Need Positivity… Positively!

There once was a boy who was optimistic about everything. Even when things did not go well, he noticed only the good and the potential …

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3 Steps to Improve Your LinkedIn Network

“Welcome to LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network”. This is LinkedIn’s introduction, with a mission, “to connect the world’s professionals to make them more productive …

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Culture, Strategy, and Breakfast? Oh, My!

“Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast” is a phrase that appears on my screen every week, suggesting culture is everything and strategy is far less significant. …

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The 3 Prerequisites of Every Leader

More than a few articles have focused on ‘successful leaders’ all sharing common traits such as being a communicator, intuition, confidence, creativity and others. While …

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The Picture on the Other Side

As a former national youth representative, it was my responsibility to be prepared for whatever the host organization expected of me. One day, five minutes …

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