Intrinsic Matters
in·trin·sic / inˈtrinzik (adjective)   
Essential nature, constitution, value… belonging naturally, innately, inherently to a person or entity.

                                                            The intrinsic value of you, your team, and your organization, matters.

Everything Begins with You

Our executive leadership and coaching helps professionals to move forward and improve their careers, lives, and organizations.

IM provides one-on-one coaching, not “one-size fits all”, cookie-cutter, packaged solutions. This begins with identifying wants, needs, and direction, then developing and strengthening strategy to accelerate success, requiring fewer hours and less energy to deliver results that matter.

Learn perspective, skills, and strategies to lead your career, life, and organization to stability, security, and success… by your own definitions.

Our Story

IM launched in 2010, and has grown into an award-winning executive transition firm, with renown clients from diverse industries in every region of the world.

We work with hundreds of organizations and senior professionals, and consistently guide them to re-think and re-position themselves to improve their thinking, decision-making… and career, life, and organization success.

Whether starting out or already a global organization, we can help you focus on what matters: identity, direction, and strategy to effectively navigate change and transition.

We advise Fortune 500 and international organization management teams, serve on boards and committees, and deliver the results professionals want and need.

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LinkedIn chose our Managing Director as Best Executive Coach of 2017, as an official “LinkedIn Insider” (2016+), and official LinkedIn “Career Expert”, and hired him under their name for 35 projects in the United States and Europe.

IM manages the LinkedIn ProFinder Professionals Group (1.5K members) and LinkedIn World Bank Consultants and Advisors Group (8.8K members).

How can we help you get started?

Why Are You Missing Targets?

People shoot hundreds of arrows and wonder why they keep missing.

They do this, believing the target is theirs, they want their target, and are equipped to hit it with advice of family, friends, colleagues, and “experts’.

This thinking leads to ‘selling’ that which is neither you, nor your organization. While occasionally successful, it is time-consuming, expensive, exhausting, inauthentic… and leaves people feeling false, empty, and dissatisfied.

Finding identity, direction, and strategies aligned with who you are and how you work, allows you to shoot fewer arrows and hit targets with greater accuracy, consistency, and confidence.

If you are working too hard to achieve average results, or have no obvious competitive advantage, it is time to re-examine your thinking.
IM helps you re-think and re-position yourself, requiring fewer hours and less energy to deliver results that matter to you.

The Next Step Is Yours

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Intrinsic Matters has experts and resources across the United States and around the world, to help you.

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Patrick J Schoof, Managing Director

An award-winning executive coach and award-winning international organization director, Patrick has 22 years of strategic planning, innovative initiative, and global operations management, enabling him to drive and accelerate transformation and achieve historic-levels of performance.

His career began serving in the highest elected and appointed youth representative roles in the world. By 19, he was on many executive boards, working directly with Fortune 500 leaders and government officials, and learning the details and dynamics of successful global organizations.

Before graduating college, he served as an advisor, trainer, and speaker to nearly 100 international organizations, including the White House, Federal agencies, BSA, JA, United Way, the Olympic Games… and served as the U.S. Olympic Youth Spokesperson and an IOC Youth Ambassador.

He has worked with UNICEF, ILO, UNESCO, WHO, World Bank, Olympic Committees, embassies, Department of State, USAID, DoL, DoD, DoE, SSA, FBI, International Red Cross, Rotary International, Fortune 500s, universities, foundations, nonprofits, the media, heads of state, ambassadors, Nobel Laureates, political leaders, celebrities, and countless marginalized and vulnerable people around the world.

Patrick holds a Master’s in Management from London School of Economics, a Law Degree from University of Edinburgh, and numerous certifications.