If you will not change the way you think,you cannot change your life, your career, or your organization.


Is your current thinking turning your potential into performance. 

The Value Assessment is an objective, scientifically-validated, and accurate diagnosis of the nature and quality of a person’s thinking from 36 different perspectives.  It identifies Cognitive Assets, Biases, and Liabilities – how you, your team, and candidates think – and explains the impact this thinking can have on perceptions and performance within your organization.

You can identify your best thinking, sabotaging habits, and self-imposed barriers… and how to get to your best thinking, avoid damaging thoughts and reactions, and consistently make better decisions.

The Assessment can tell you how your candidates think, prioritize, and fit your team dynamic unlike any other personality profile, behavioral assessment, interview, resume, or reference.

It can identify help you detect and leverage the diverse thinking and perspectives on your board and senior management team.

– Personal Advancement

– Team Performance Improvement

– Culture Analysis and Strengthening

– Candidate Review and Staff Development

– Board and Management Effectiveness


  • Research tells us, on average, a person has 4.7 times more Cognitive Biases and Liabilities than thinking Assets.
  • Unfortunately, Biases and Liabilities tend to drive or influence the majority of our behaviors and, thus, performance.
  • Failure, under-performance, and cultural toxicity tends to arise from the negative influence of Cognitive Biases / Liabilities.
  • Our best potential, engagement, and performance arises from thinking based in the positive influence of Cognitive Assets.
  • If you can know Cognitive Assets, Biases and Liabilities before you hire candidates, you can make better hiring decisions.
    It only takes 15 minutes to complete, we send you a 40+ page overview, and walk you through the assessment, the biases and liabilities, how to overcome them, and how to use and leverage your thinking assets.

"The average person has 4.7 times more
Cognitive-Baises and Liabilities than Assets"

- AxiogenicsHR


–  Do you make good decisions when challenged?

–  Do you tend to react, respond, or be proactive? 

–  Do you feel internal stress when faced with issues?

–  Are you recognized for being wise and valuable?

–  Are you happy with your career and life balance?

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