Organizations are shaped by its leaders’ best decisions, and by the worst decisions its employees are willing tolerate. 


Is your strategic planning generating the interest, commitment, and results you want and need?

There are perspective and strategy essential to leadership and senior management teams. They allow you to consider options, make better decisions, and become more effective with your own people… and those people and partners it is your mission to serve.

Whether stability, strengthening, or expansion, we can get you there. We help with goal setting, strategic planning, motivating your team, facilitation and training, increasing visibility, improving impact, and getting your organization and programs off-the-ground and moving forward.

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– Leadership Team Assessment

– Reorganization and Revitalization

– Start-up and Expansion


  • 97% of organizations believe project management is critical to performance and success (Source: PWC); nevertheless,…
  • 89% of high-performing organizations complete their projects; low performers complete only 36% (Source:
  • 80% of PM executives do not know how projects align with their organization’s business strategy (Source: Changepoint)
  • 63% of companies require executives to decide when to eliminate or put off a project (Source: InformationWeek)
  • 50% of Program Management Offices (PMOs) close within three years of their start  (Source: KeyedIN)
  • 34% of projects have no baseline upon which to measure (Source: Wellingtone)
  • 33% of projects fail due to lack of involvement from senior management (Source: University of Ottawa)
  • 33% or less projects were completed on-time and on-budget in 2013 (Source: Standish Group)
  • 13% of PMs were less likely to use story-mapping in 2014 than in 2013 (Source: VersionOne<
  • 12.2% of every $1B invested in U.S. projects is wasted due to lacking performance (Source:
  •  40% higher levels of retention are found at “mission-driven: companies (Becoming Irresistible)
  • 1# LinkedIn is the top social network for recruiters to search

"If only 13% of workers feel engaged at their jobs,
what level of success can your initiative expect?"

- Patrick Schoof, Managing Director and Executive Coach at IM, referring to a 2013 Gallup poll measuring international employee satisfaction
of 230K full-time and part-time workers in 142 countries

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